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Services: Visibility

Wall Murals: a Visibility Solution in the Main Market

Libra Productions have been supplying tailor made visibility solutions in the retail and wholesale sector. Libra is your choice, if you would like to stand out of the crowd when it comes to store level visibility.

Some Advantages:

  • The ease of the application
  • Score CSI credits as an initiative
  • Your brand can be visible at Point of Purchase
  • Outweighs any other form of in-store branding
  • Speed of execution, up to 120 walls per day!

We only use the highest quality paints i.e. Prominent Paints. They are South Africa's third-largest branded paint producer and is a fully integrated member of PPG, a global maker of paints since 1883. Prominent Paints specializes in high industrial and decorative paints, manufactured in Alrode, Johannesburg and distributed nationally. Specially formulated acrylic paints with light/fast colour pigments to prevent UV fading.