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Services: Sales + Merchandising

Pro-Active Sales Solution

We will use our UNIQUE "zone owner" business model in the route to market, which combines the roles of:

  • Pro-active sales.
  • Product delivery.
  • Merchandising - ambient and cold.
  • Pricing management at store level.
  • Promotions and consumer interactions.
  • Product quality management.
  • Complete push and pull activity.

The proposed sales and merchandising model explained in its most simplified form:

The reps (zone owners) will use Bulk Breakers and Redistributors as their home base and will call on these Bulk Breakers and Redistributors, top taverns and spaza's in that specified area (zone). They will be tasked with activating all the FMCG sales drivers at store level. These are quality, distribution, visibility, persuasion, promotion and price.


Perfect Consumer Conversion Environment

Perfect Consumer Conversion Environment: Zone Diagram