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Strategy + Execution = Sales

BEE Status. We are a Level 1 Contributor and as we are a value adding entity, our procurement
spend recognition level is 135%.

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Libra Productions is a Marketing & Merchandising Company.

Established over 10 years ago, we continue to position ourselves as leaders in township marketing, “formalising an informal market.” We are of the firm belief that unseen of, unheard of will be unsold. Our success lies in relationships we have built and maintained with reputable brands.

Libra is one of the only businesses that specialise and excel in providing a service to the FMCG sector in the Main Market in SA with a footprint into Africa.

Main Market Definition: Libra Productions encompasses urban/semi-urban/rural townships that typically service a previously disadvantaged consumer base. This includes licensed and unlicensed outlets. It comprises multiple tiers of trade customers. The consumer base is broad, and includes consumers of standard as well as premium brands. The majority have value packs as their "fast sellers".

Our Mission is to be a commercial marketing service provider that ensures that retail entities are able to effectively increase brand awareness and influence the purchase decision at the point of sale by offering innovative, effective brand communication solutions in all markets!

Our Values:

  • Employ and grow diverse, motivated and passionate people
  • Innovation AND change is constant
  • Own our brands at heart
  • Integrity ALWAYS
  • We don't subscribe to mediocrity
  • We encourage extraordinary thinking
  • UBUNTU - we are part of the communities we work in
  • Libra people stand out!
  • Our people own a CAN DO attitude